Studio Tabl

Our experiences and observations related to our activities in publication and production, made us understand that there is a gap between design and production. We believe that it is necessary for designers to have a knowledge of the print and production processes and that this understanding helps the production of more desired products with better quality. On the other hand, it is important that the people working in the production process have a better understanding of the designers’ needs and the process of design. Based on these kinds of observations, we began bridging between these two fields making a groundwork for the designers and producers to consider the gap and build knowledge of the other side. We also used our learnings in the production process of our own productions. With the time passing, people started to notice the difference and understood that it is possible to consider producing certain books, catalogs, packages, etc. which before, they thought was not possible. Eventually, other cultural institutes commissioned us for producing their products. This is the story of how we began our activities in the field of production management for the publications of books, magazines, artists’ and galleries’ catalogs in the late 2000s.