Goals and Approaches

Tabl Space is a nonprofit organization with an interdisciplinary, research-oriented, and curatorial approach concerning culture and arts. The firm’s experiential objective is to raise awareness and create active interactions through ideation and undertaking long or short-term projects, whether independently, or in collaboration with national or international museums, and cultural, research-oriented, or art institutions.

The projects, regarding their subjects, are published and presented internationally, in the form of magazines, books, research-oriented exhibitions, live performances, audio interviews, music albums, and practical productions, in a hard-copy or virtual format.

The word Tabl (meaning drum in English), initially suggests itself as a sound-maker object (a type of musical instrument). In its essence, however, it refers to concepts such as informing (or reporting), pioneering, and bravery. Accordingly, it can be suggested that Tabl is a space for encountering brand-new ideas and experiences.


Hooyar Asadian, was born in Tehran in 1979 and began his career in the arts and publication industry in 1998. He completed his studies in mining engineering in 2002 and held his first solo painting exhibition at the Atbin Gallery in Tehran. Since then, his works have been featured in several solo and group exhibitions. He began working as a publishing and production manager for periodicals and publishers in 1998. Asadian has also worked with various galleries, serving as a curator, art consultant, and production manager since 2005. He founded Tabl Research and Experience House and currently manages the firm. Asadian is also the copyright owner, editor-in-chief, and managing editor of a magazine that shares the same name as his company.


Mehrak Ali Sabounchi was born in Tehran in 1987. He has a Ph.D. in Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages and a BA in Persian Literature. He began his cultural activities in the 2010s and now teaches Iranian languages, literature, culture, and mythology in universities and freelance cultural and educational institutions. Sabounchi is also an active researcher in the field of culture and literature and has published many articles and books, including The Treatise of the Mouse and the Cat, The Treatise of a Hundred Divs, and The Treatise of Love and Lovers, which are part of the +3:30 project of Tabl Research and Experience House. He has also authored The Mythical History of Iran for Teenagers, published by Nashre-Cheshmeh Publishing House. Currently, Sabounchi serves as the scientific editor of Tabl cultural-artistic magazine.

Ario Tehrani was born in 1998 in Tehran. He was educated and is currently a student of Dramatic Literature. In 2016, he began collaborating with multiple publishers to write reviews and produce content. Later, he continued his collaboration with some of them in editing and preparing texts. Currently, he is involved in research and editing in the fields of literature and history. Tehrani holds the position of executive editor at Tabl cultural-artistic magazine.

Nasim Mousavi was born in Tehran in 1994. She studied Puppet Theatre and has been active in various cultural and artistic fields. She has worked in cultural institutions such as the Tehran City Theater and collaborated with art galleries and publications as managing editor and executive director. Currently, Mousavi is an active member of Tabl Research and Experience House and the +3:30 project.