Goals and Approaches

Tabl Space is a nonprofit organization with an interdisciplinary, research-oriented, and curatorial approach concerning culture and arts. The firm’s experiential objective is to raise awareness and create active interactions through ideation and undertaking long or short-term projects, whether independently, or in collaboration with national or international museums, and cultural, research-oriented, or art institutions.

The projects, regarding their subjects, are published and presented internationally, in the form of magazines, books, research-oriented exhibitions, live performances, audio interviews, music albums, and practical productions, in a hard-copy or virtual format.

The word Tabl (meaning drum in English), initially suggests itself as a sound-maker object (a type of musical instrument). In its essence, however, it refers to concepts such as informing (or reporting), pioneering, and bravery. Accordingly, it can be suggested that Tabl is a space for encountering brand-new ideas and experiences.


Hooyar Asadian, born in 1979, Tehran, started his practice in arts and publication in 1998. After finishing his studies in mining engineering, in 2002, he held his first individual painting exhibition in Atbin Gallery, in Tehran. His later works were also exhibited in various individual and group exhibitions. In 1998, he started his collaboration with publications, as the publication, production, and creative manager, and he is collaborating with a number of galleries as a curator, art consultant, or product manager since 2005. Currently, Asadian, the founder of Tabl Space, works as the manager of the firm, as well as the editor-in-chief and copyrights owner of Tabl magazine.